Center For Social Innovation Turkey
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Social Innovation

Social innovation is producing innovative solutions for the existing social, cultural, economic and environmental problems and putting those into practice to ensure a sustainable life for the humanity, society and the planet. Social entrepreneurs are those individuals who claim to contribute to the solution of the problems we face, through the social innovation projects they develop. Each project carried out by the social entrepreneurs does not only contribute to the solution of the relevant problem, but also changes the attitude, perception, behavior and methods that cause the problem. For continue reading…


Center For Social Innovation Turkey

Center for Social Innovation (SIM) is a social enterprise established by a group of academicians and civil society specialists to carry out social innovation work within the areas of Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Volunteerism, Capacity Building for Civil Society and Corporate Development and to carry out Social Researches, Database and Publications with this respect. For continue reading…










Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP)

The ARSP is written for and by cross-sector social partnership (CSSP) academics and practitioners focusing on nonprofit, business, and public sectors who view collaboration as key to solving social problems... Read more »